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Most Common French Words


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Top 10 French Words
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What are the most common French words? Here are the top 10.

1) le, la, l', les    the
   definite article

2) être    to be
   all about être

3) avoir    to have
   all about avoir

4) de    of, from

5) un, une, des    a, an, some
   indefinite article

6) je    I
   subject pronoun

7) il / ils*    he, it / they
   subject pronouns

8) ce    this
   indefinite demonstrative pronoun

9) pas    not
   negative adverb

10) à    to, in


*I would have listed il and ils separately, but they were combined in the source document.

Words with different forms but the same essential meaning (such as le and la: masculine and feminine definite articles) are combined into a single listing.

Words with different grammatical functions (such as le: definite article and le: direct object pronoun) are usually listed separately.

This list of the most common French words is adapted from the following source:

Gougenheim 2.00 - Fréquences orales et de production http://www.lexique.org/public/gougenheim.php
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