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Jobs Using French

Put your French to work - here are some of the jobs that languages can be used for, as well as links to further information and resources.

Au boulot !
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Top 6 French Pronunciation Books

Pronunciation tends to be the most difficult aspect of learning French. It takes a lot of practice to pronounce French correctly, but if you want to speak well, good French pronunciation is essential. Nothing kills conversation faster than an inability to make yourself understood. These resources include detailed explanations of French sounds and some audio tools for listening/speaking practice.

Top Bilingual French Dictionaries

When buying a French dictionary, you need to consider your language proficiency and what you'll be using the dictionary for. It's also important to keep in mind that bilingual dictionaries are a great tool, but they can have discrepancies, both major and minor. Their main weakness is in offering words that are no longer used. The following French-English / English-French dictionaries are arranged by quantity and quality of entries.

Most Common French Words

What are the most common French words?

Buying French Supplies

Tips to help you find your "must have" French supplies at the best possible prices.

Daily French Practice

Daily French practice is a must, as it is only by practicing and using your French that you will be able to retain what you've learned and, eventually, develop fluency. Aside from the obvious ways to practice, like speaking up in class and reading books, there are a number of ways you can incorporate French into your daily life.

Overcoming Speaking Anxiety

Shyness apart, if you feel nervous when speaking French, it's probably due to a lack of confidence in your skills: you don't feel you have the grammar, vocabulary, and/or pronunciation needed in order to express yourself. The obvious solution is to improve your French, and this site is filled with resources to help you do just that. Beyond lessons and learning, however, there are other ways to increase your confidence and feel more comfortable speaking French.

Asking Questions in French

Want to know something? Whether you're working, traveling, learning, or just trying to learn more about someone, questions are an essential part of any conversation. This lesson will teach you four different ways to ask questions in French.

How to Say ___ in French

If you're wondering how to say something in French, you've come to the right place.

Favorite French Expressions

One of the joys of learning French (or any other language) is getting to know the idiomatic expressions that help make it so colorful. Here are my favorites; what are yours?

La Lecture : Beginning French Readers

Are you or your students ready to try reading in French? Here is a selection of French readers for beginning to intermediate students, including short stories,

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