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Happy Birthday in French

How to wish someone a happy birthday in French


Joyeux anniversaire !
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Learn how to say happy birthday in French, and other related vocabulary.

Happy birthday! has two possible translations:
   Bon anniversaire !
   Joyeux anniversaire !
(Note that anniversaire is a semi-false cognate)

In Canada, Bonne fête ! is commonly used to mean "happy birthday," but it can also be used to wish someone a happy Saint's Day as well as generically to spread good cheer during any holiday.

The French birthday song is very simple and is sung to the same tune as "Happy Birthday to You":

   Joyeux anniversaire
   Joyeux anniversaire
   Joyeux anniversaire*
   Joyeux anniversaire

*The person's name may be sung very quickly at the end of this line.

French birthday vocabulary

   birthday   un anniversaire

   birthday cake   un gâteau d'anniversaire

   birthday card   une carte d'anniversaire

   birthday party   une fête/soirée pour son anniversaire

   birthday present   un cadeau d'anniversaire

   in one's birthday suit   en costume d'Adam / d'Ève

   to blow out the candles, to celebrate one's birthday   souffler ses bougies

   When is your birthday?   Quelle est la date / Quel est le jour de ton anniversaire ?

   What did you get for your birthday?   Qu'est-ce que tu as eu pour ton anniversaire ?

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