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Yes in French

Oui, ouais, ouah, and more synonyms for yes in French


Saying yes in French is pretty simple, but there are quite a few synonyms and precisions to be aware of. Check out this lesson to learn how to say yes, yeah, sure, and more.

oui - yes
Oui is the basic, standard French word for "yes," and it's also the best translation of "I do":

   Oui, j'aime les fraises
   Yes, I like strawberries

   - Veux-tu épouser cet homme... ?    - Oui
   - Do you take this man...?   - I do

ouais - yeah
Ouais is an informal equivalent for yes, equivalent to "yeah" or "yep":

   - T'es prêt ?   - Ouais
   - You ready?   - Yeah

ouah - yes!
Ouah is an informal word used to express joy or admiration, like "yes!" or "wow!"

   Ouah ! J'y ai réussi !
   Yes! I passed!

si - yes
Si is one of my favorite French words, because it is extremely useful and does not have an English equivalent. It is used to contradict a negation - to say yes when someone else says no, asks a negative question, or makes a negative statement:

   - Il n'a pas de sœur   - Si.
   - He doesn't have a sister   - Yes (he does).

   - N'as-tu pas faim ?   - Si.
   - Aren't you hungry?   - Yes (I am hungry).

Expressions with oui

   ah oui - oh yes, yes indeed
   ah oui? - really?
   ben oui - well, yes
   bien sûr que oui ! - most definitely!
   certes oui - most definitely, absolutely
   eh oui - I'm afraid so
   je crois que oui - I think so
   mais oui - of course
   oui oui - uh huh
   que oui ! - of course!, you bet!

Synonyms for oui

   absolument - absolutely
   assurément - sure, certainly
   bien entendu - of course
   bien sûr - of course
   bon - fine, ok
   certainement - certainly
   c'est ça - that's right
   c'est exact - that's right
   d'accord - OK
   effectivement - indeed, quite
   en effet - indeed, quite
   exact - that's right
   exactement - exactly
   je ne dis pas non - I wouldn't say no, I don't disagree (an unemphatic yes)
   justement - that's right
   mouais (informal) - yeah, I guess
   tout à fait - exactly, absolutely
   voilà - that's right, there you go
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