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Noël sous la neige

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Noël sous la neige
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Expression: Noël sous la neige

Pronunciation: [no ehl soo la nehzh]

Meaning: white Christmas

Literal translation: Christmas under the snow

Register: normal

Notes: The French expression Noël sous la neige poetically describes what many people - or at least carolers - dream of: a white Christmas; that is, a Christmas on or just before which it has snowed, so that on the day itself, the ground and treetops and fence posts are all covered with pure, white snow. Unless you live someplace where Noël au balcon is typical, it's pretty common for Noël sous la neige wishes to come true.

Beyond Christmas: Sous la neige can also be used with places and things, such as
  • une ville sous la neige - a snow-covered town
  • des arbres sous la neige - snow-covered trees
  • Paris est sous la neige - Paris is covered in snow
  • tout le pays va être sous la neige - the whole country will be covered in snow
  • mon camion est enseveli sous la neige - my truck is buried under snow

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