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How to say "I love you" in French

Step by step


How to say "I love you" in French
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They say that French is the language of love, so you'd better know how to say I love you! These step-by-step instructions will teach you how to say I love you in French.

Difficulty: Easy

Time required: Less than a minute

Here's how
  1. Find the person you love.
  2. Say his or her name.
  3. Say je t'aime:
    • j in je is pronounced [zh] like the g in mirage
    • e is pronounced like the oo in good
    • t'aime is pronounced [tem] to rhyme with them.
  4. Optional: Follow with "my darling":
    • To a woman = ma chérie, pronounced [ma shay ree].
    • To a man = mon chéri, pronounced [mo(n) shay ree]. The (n) is nasal.
    • You can also choose a different French term of endearment
  5. Optional: To respond to someone who says "I love you," say Moi aussi, je t'aime (I love you too).
    • moi is pronounced "mwa."
    • aussi is pronounced "oh see."
  6. You can listen to sound files of these terms on my page of French love language

What you need
  • A few minutes of practice
  • A romantic location
  • Your beloved
  • (optional) candles, flowers, bonbons, soft music, an engagement ring...

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