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J'en ai ras le bol

French expressions analyzed and explained


J'en ai ras le bol
Expression: J'en ai ras le bol !

Pronunciation: [zha(n) nay ra l(eu) buhl]

Meaning: I'm sick of it! I'm fed up! I've had it up to here!

Literal translation: I have a bowl full of it

Register: informal

Notes: The French expression j'en ai ras le bol doesn't specify what your bowl is full of, but it's probably safe to assume that it's aggravation, frustration, or one of their close cousins.

Ras-le-bol can also serve as an exclamation indicating that enough is enough, or as a noun referring to general discontent or dissatisfaction.


   Il pleut depuis deux semaines, et j'en ai ras le bol !
   It's been raining for two weeks, and I'm sick of it!

   Le ras-le-bol étudiant augmente depuis des années.
   Student unrest has been on the rise for years.

Gestures:  Ras-le-bol 1 | Ras-le-bol 2

Synonymous expressions

(informal): J'en ai marre, J'en ai assez, J'en ai ma claque, J'ai ma dose, J'en ai plein le dos, J'en ai plein les bottes, J'en ai ras la casquette

(normal register): Je ne peux plus le supporter, La coupe est pleine

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