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Drinks - Les Boissons

French vocabulary


Eat, drink, and be merry! If you want to purchase your favorite beverage at a restaurant, bar, or grocery store, you need to be able to say it in French. Here's a list of the most common drinks, with sound files.  À la vôtre !

avoir soif
   to be thirsty

une boisson
   drink, beverage

un apéritif, un apéro (informal)
   cocktail, before-dinner drink

une bière

une boisson gazeuse
   soda, pop, soft drink

un café
   coffee, espresso
(learn about coffee in France)

le champagne

un chocolat (chaud) 
   hot chocolate

un cidre
   hard cider

un citron pressé

un digestif
   after-dinner drink

l'eau (f)

eau du robinet
   tap water

eau plate
   still / plain water

eau gazeuse
   sparkling / mineral water

un express

une infusion
   herbal tea

le jus

le lait

une limonade
   lemon soda (like Sprite or 7-Up)

un pastis
   anise-flavored apéritif

une pression
   beer on tap

le thé

le thé glacé
   iced tea

une tisane
   herbal tea

le vin

Articles about French drinks

Most of these articles are written in French followed by the English translation.
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French lessons

Grammar and vocabulary that might come in handy when talking about drinks.
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