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Ça marche

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Ça marche !
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Expression: Ça marche

Pronunciation: [sa marsh]

Meaning: ok, that works; (in a restaurant) coming up

Literal translation: that runs

Register: normal / informal

Notes: The French expression ça marche acknowledges or agrees with what was just said.

   - Il faut arriver avant 10 heures.
   - Ça marche !

   - You need to arrive before 10 am.
   - That works!

   - Et apporte quelque chose à grignoter.
   - Ça marche !

   - And bring something to eat.
   - OK!

You might hear it from waiters after you order:

   - Une salade et un verre de vin blanc, s'il vous plaît.
   - Ça marche.

   - A salad and a glass of white wine, please.
   - Coming right up.

Ça marche can be modified with the preposition pour:

   Ça marche pour samedi.
   Saturday is fine, Saturday works.

   Ça marche pour nous.
   That works for us.

And, of course, ça marche can also be used literally:

   Comment ça marche ?
   How does it work?

   Ça marche à l'électricité.
   It works / runs on electricity.

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