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Synonyms for Bon

Learn some different ways to say "good" in French


If you want to make your French sound more, well, French, one place to start is with your vocabulary. In French classes, you tend to learn the most common, basic terms. Bon is one example of a very common word that has numerous synonyms to choose between, in both normal and informal registers. Take a look at this lesson to learn some different ways to say "good." Click on each word to hear it pronounced.

   nice, pleasant, pleasing

   Il est toujours agréable de vous voir
   It's always nice to see you

   C'était une conversation agréable
   It was a pleasant conversation

   good, moral, right, healthy

   Ça serait bien !
   That would be good!

   Ce sont des gens bien
   They are good (moral) people

Bien is invariable and can be used as an adjective only with copular verbs, like être

Bien is more commonly used as an adverb that means "well."


   Bonne idée !
   Good idea!

   C'est un bon étudiant
   He's a good student

Lesson on bon vs bien


   Il a répondu en excellent français
   He responded in excellent/flawless French

   C'est excellent !
   That's excellent/wonderful!


   Il a un talent exceptionnel
   He has exceptional talent / He is exceptionally talented

   C'est une occasion exceptionnelle
   It's an exceptional opportunity

Note that exceptionnel is a semi-false cognate, as it can also describe something as an exception to the norm:

   un numéro exceptionnel
   special issue


   C'est un livre extraordinaire
   It's an extraordinary book

   Elle a connu un succès extraordinaire
   She has had extraordinary / immense success

As in English, extraordinaire can mean "out of the ordinary" without necessarily meaning really good:

   Il a eu un accident extraordinaire
   He had an extraordinary/unusual accident

   wonderful, marvelous

   C'était un spectacle merveilleux
   It was a wonderful performance/show

   Le vin est merveilleux cette année
   The wine is excellent this year


   Il est remarquable qu'elle ne soit pas au courant
   It's remarkable that she doesn't know what's going on

   C'est un homme remarquable
   He's a remarkable man

Tant mieux (click to read lesson)
   good, even better

Continue on to page 2 for informal synonyms for bon like chouette and génial.
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