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À mon avis

French expressions analyzed and explained


Expression: À mon avis

Pronunciation: [ah mo nah vee]

Meaning: in my opinion, to my mind, I feel

Register: normal

Notes: The French expression à mon avis is perhaps the most common way to express one's opinion, other than with the verb penser (to think).

The possessive adjective can change to express the opinions of others as well:

   à mon avis - in my opinion
   à ton avis - in your opinion
   à son avis - in his/her opinion
   à notre avis - in our opinion
   à votre avis - in your opinion
   à leur avis - in their opinion


   À mon avis, c'est mieux de commencer tôt.
   In my opinion, it's better to start early.

   À ton avis ?
   What do you think?
   (This can be a genuine question or a sarcastic retort.)

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