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À la une

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Expression: À la une

Pronunciation: [ah lah oon]

Meaning: on the front page

Literal translation: on the one

Register: informal

Explanation: La une refers to the front page of a newspaper, so the French expression à la une means "on the front page" or even just "in the news." Un article à la une is a "lead story," and être à la une (des journaux) means "to hit the papers, make the news."

Note that la une does not contract to l'une in this expression.

   À la une aujourd'hui
   Today's headlines

Related: La une can also refer to "table one" in a restaurant, and la Une used to mean "channel one" on television (now it's called TF1). À la une, à la deux, à la trois ! means "And a one, and a two, and a three!"

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