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Promettre - to promise

Simple conjugations for the French verb promettre


French verb conjugator > promettre

PresentFutureImperfectPresent participle
je promets promettrai promettais promettant
tu promets promettras promettais
il promet promettra promettait Passé composé
nous promettons promettrons promettions    Auxiliary verb avoir
vous promettez promettrez promettiez    Past participle promis
ils promettent promettront promettaient
Subjunctive Conditional Passé simple Imperfect subjunctive
je promette promettrais promis promisse
tu promettes promettrais promis promisses
il promette promettrait promit promît
nous promettions promettrions promîmes promissions
vous promettiez promettriez promîtes promissiez
ils promettent promettraient promirent promissent
(tu)promets  Verb conjugation pattern  Promettre is an irregular verb

All French verbs ending in -mettre are conjugated this way.
(nous)  promettons

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