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French and Francophone Television Stations - Watch French TV

Watch the news or other television programs in French - links to TV stations from francophone countries.

TV5Monde offers online French learning exercises based on their television programming.

CPAC en ligne
Schedule of programs for this Canadian political cable station.

European TV Guide and TV-related news, in French or English.

France 2
Read the news from this French television station, in French.

France 24
24-hour French news station.

Radio-Canada Télévision
Watch the news, movies, or sitcoms from Canada.

Radio-Television Belge
Learn about the happenings in French-speaking Belgium.

Réseau France outre-mer
Music, sports, and other news from francophone regions.

Very popular French music television show - listen to music, watch videos, and read profiles of artists, all in French.

Public television station in Québec.

Télévision éducative et culturelle de l'Ontario français.

TV5MONDE broadcasts a variety of French language programs - news, games, TV series - in many countries, and includes special features for learning and teaching French.

TV5Monde USA
TV5Monde is available on a variety of US cable carriers, including Cablevision, Comcast, Cox, Time Warner, and Dish Network. Click this link to find local channel information.

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