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French Verb Tests

Try any of these dozens of tests on French verb conjugations and uses.

Top 10 Verbs - Conjugation Test
How do you rank when it comes to the top ten? Find out with this quiz.

Aller conjugations
Test your knowledge of how the French verb aller is conjugated.

Amener, Emmener, Apporter...
Prove your ability to distinguish between these verbs by taking this quiz.

Auxiliary verbs
Test your ability to use the verb être as an auxiliary verb.

Avoir conjugations
Have you tested yourself on conjugations of the French verb avoir?

To Be (Être, Avoir, or Faire)
Challenge your knowledge of when each of these verb means "to be" with this quiz.

Conditional perfect
Would you have been tempted to take this quiz if you hadn't know about it?

If you think you know how to employ the conditional then try this quiz.

Dire conjugations
Say what you will, but do you really know all these conjugations?

Dual verb constructions
Attempt this test of French dual verb constructions and see how you fair.

Être conjugations
Can you be certain you know all the conjugations of the verb être? Take this quiz to find out.

Faire conjugations
Take a shot at this quiz on the French verb faire and see how well you do.

Falloir conjugations
Should you wish to test your knowledge of the verb falloir, try this quiz.

Future perfect
By the time you finish this quiz on the future perfect, you will have a determined your skill level.

Will you ace this quiz on the future? Test yourself here to find out.

Habiter vs Vivre
No matter where you live, this quiz will tell your score.

Take this test on the French imperative.

What's to strive for if you are perfect? Test your knowlege of the imperfect in French.

To know your skill level when it comes to the infinitive, and to see how adept you are, try this quiz.

Irregular -IR verbs
Quiz yourself on irregular French ir-verbs.

Irregular -RE verbs
Is your grasp of irregular -re verbs consistent? Find out now.

To Leave
Choose to stay, and learn if your notions of to leave are true.

Don't miss this opportunity to quiz yourself on the verb manquer.

To Meet
Are you encountering difficulties with this concept in French? Find out now.

Passive voice
It has been said that the passive voice is tricky. Test your adroitness.

Passé composé v Imparfait
See if you can accurately choose between these two verb forms with this quiz.

Passé composé
Quiz yourself on this essential verb form.

Past infinitive
Do you know how to use the past infinitive? Test yourself.

Past participles
Know if you currently have the past participle figured out by taking this quiz.

Past subjunctive
Take this quiz on the French past subjunctive and see how well you do.

Perfect participle
Here is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate a keen understanding of this concept.

Challenge yourself with this quiz on the French pluperfect.

Pouvoir conjugations
Can you get a high score on this quiz?

Present participle
Show off your skill with this test on the present participle.

Pronominal verbs
Take a moment to reflect on your knowledge of these special verbs and then test yourself on them.

Regular -ER verbs
Are you sure you know how to conjugate regular -er verbs? Test yourself.

Regular -IR verbs
How well do you know your -ir verbs. Find out here.

Regular -RE verbs
Can you get a perfect score on this -re verb quiz?

Revenir, Retourner, Rentrer
Do you keep coming back to the question of which of these three verbs to use in a given situation? Test your knowledge.

Savoir conjugations
Test yourself with this quiz on how to conjugate this tricky verb.

Savoir vs Connaître
Do you think you understand the difference between these two verbs, or do you know for sure? Test your knowledge.

Si clauses
Challenge your knowledge of si clauses.

Stem-changing verbs
Test your skill at stem-changing verbs.

Subjunctive or indicative?
Do you know which French verbs and expressions need the subjunctive? Find out with this quiz.

Subjunctive translation
Test yourself on subjunctive conjugations with this translation exercise.

To Take
Not sure if you know all the nuances of this concept when used in French. Check it out.

To Teach
Learn how strong your abilities are to apply this concept in French.

Verbs with prepositions
Position yourself to know where you stand when it comes to these verb types.

Visitor, (to) visit
See how well you can do with this quiz on the verb to visit in French

Voir conjugations
See how well you can do on conjugating the French verb voir.

Vouloir conjugations
Do you want to know if you can conjugate the French verb vouloir? Test yourself now.

Vouloir, Pouvoir, Devoir
Do you think you can distinguish between these three verbs? Prove it to yourself.

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