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French News, Radio, TV, Newspapers, Magazines

Reading, listening to, and watching the news in French is the perfect way to practice and improve your language skills. Check out these links to online newspapers, magazines, radio, and television from the francophone world.
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French News Vocabulary
The French you learn in classes and grammar books is not always enough when dealing with the real world. This list of French vocabulary related to current events will help you understand news in French.

French Acronyms + Abbreviations
QG, UMP, DEUG... Lost in alphabet soup? Acronyms abound in the French language, especially in news and politics.

À la une
What does the French expression à la une mean and how is it used?

Anti-Frenchism is Alive and Well
Lately I've felt that the spate of anti-French sentiment in the US had died down a bit, or maybe I've just become immune to it. Then I read a blatantly francophobic article and felt compelled to respond.

A "friendly" word: Amicalement
On 7 November 2012, French president François Hollande sent newly re-elected American president Barack Obama a congratulatory letter. Unfortunately, he mistranslated the word amicalement, to the great amusement of English speakers.

la bravitude
The word "bravitude" was invented by French Socialist presidential candidate Ségolène Royal, setting off something of a firestorm in the French news.

la cogestion
What does the French word cogestion mean? How is it pronounced and used?

Courriel - c'est officiel
The Académie française surprised the francophone world with its choice for the official French translation of email. Deciding that the terms commonly used in France were too close to English, the Académie chose the Québécois word courriel.

Effects of Anti-Frenchism
Anti-French sentiment in the US is responsible for difficulties in finding host families for foreign exchange students.

The Language Behind the Riots
On 27 October 2005, the deaths of two African teenagers sparked off riots in poor northeastern suburbs of Paris. While the deaths of the youths were the catalyst to the violence, other factors were involved, including the language used by Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy to describe his plans to fight crime.

Language Police Hard at Work
Québec's language police - la Commission de la protection de la langue française - seized $60,000 in assets from a man who refused to pay a fine for not having given a French sign more prominence than its English counterpart

This French title may soon be a thing of the past, if some French feminists have anything to say about it. Find out why some women are fighting in order to give Mademoiselle a miss in French administration.

Moroccan women and the new family code
A new family code, introduced by king Mohammed VI in October 2003 and unanimously adopted by parliament in February, puts Moroccan women on equal footing with men in regard to marriage and children.

un mot-dièse
What is un mot-dièse? How is it pronounced and used?

Québec: English is worse than nudity
A promotional poster of a giant nipple dripping with milk and the words "Québec All Dressed" is causing controversy... but not because of the nudity.

Strikes: October 2010
A few observations about the "retirement age" strikes in October 2010.

La Tour Eiffel en feu
An upper floor of the Eiffel Tower caught fire earlier today, apparently due to a short circuit in the electrical control room.

UK pushing Spanish over French
According to the Stephen Twigg, French is the most popular foreign language in England, followed by German and then Spanish.

This French word was in the news in 2007 and 1999.

Xynthia 2010
Storm Xynthia was a national catastrophe in France.

French in the News
During the first decade of the 21st century, some aspect of the French language made headlines on several occasions. Here's a look back at French in the news from 2000 to 2009.

French News in Cartoons
L'actualité vue par les dessinateurs de presse.

La Guinguette
News from France for students of French. Audio articles with transcript, translation, and footnotes for the tricky parts.

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