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French Listening Links and Resources - Listen to French

Activities and resources to work on your French listening skills, as well as criteria used by various agencies to determine French proficiency.
  1. Dictées
  2. French Pronunciation
  3. Speaking French
  4. Beginning French Listening (14)
  5. Intermediate Listening (15)
  6. Advanced French Listening (6)
  7. French Listening Skills (4)
  8. French Videos (40)

French Audio Dictionary
More than 2,500 alphabetical entries, each with a French word or expression, sound file, English translation, and links to additional or related information.

Top French Listening Exercises
There are over a hundred listening exercises on this site, ranging from simple dialogues to in-depth listening comprehension exercises. The most visited listening pages tend to be those that offer practical advice or discuss someone or something famous. Here are the 15 most popular French listening exercises on this site.

French Listening Comprehension Exercises
Work on your French listening comprehension with these exercises. Each one includes a sound file, study guide, and short quiz, as well as a transcript and translation to help you understand the sound file.

French Listening Tips - How to improve your French listening comprehension
This site includes dozens of French listening exercises for all levels, but sometimes it's difficult to figure out the best way to use them. Should you listen first, and then read the transcript, or is it ok to listen and read at the same time? In fact, both of these methods are fine; it's just a matter of deciding which one will help you the most. This article offers ideas on how to make the most of the listening comprehension exercises on this site as well as your own audio books and magazines

Think French Audiomagazine
Think French is an online French audiomagazine suitable for intermediate French learners.

Offline Audio Resources
You can learn a lot of French grammar using the internet and books, but if you want to be able to understand others and make yourself understood, you need to work on your listening and speaking skills. These French audio resources can help.

120 dictées de français
Work on your French listening and writing skills at the same time. Dictation is a technique used in many language classes, and now 120 dictées de français offers hours of practice for independent learners.

La Haute Route, Switzerland
Practice your French listening comprehension with this low-intermediate level audio journal about a two-week hiking trip through the Swiss Alps.

French Audio Magazines
French audio magazines are excellent learning tools, providing authentic French listening practice on a variety of topics. These French audio magazines are listed by how often they are published.

Eating and Shopping in France, by Pam Bourgeois
Learn useful words and phrases related to eating and shopping for food in France with this French audiobook.

Meeting the French, by Pam Bourgeois
Any visit to France can be enhanced by the people you meet there, but some of their customs and habits may be surprising or difficult to understand. Reading up on French culture before you go can help you make the most of your trip. The French audiobook called Meeting the French is a good place to start.

Top Software for Learning French
Software can be an interesting addition to your language study. While not a replacement for a teacher or conversation partner, software can help you improve your listening and reading comprehension as well as learn vocabulary, grammar, and even, thanks to speech recognition technology, pronunciation.

A l'écoute de la langue française
An extensive self-study French class divided into beginning, intermediate, and advanced lessons, available on CD-ROM.

Why can't I listen to the sound files?
If you are unable to listen to the sound files on this site, this page may help.

Alliance française
Search for the Alliance française branch nearest you. This organization is dedicated to promoting French throughout the world and offers local meetings to give you French listening and speaking practice.

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