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Top 10 Learn French at About Pages

Most Popular Pages at Learn French at About


Week after week, there are certain pages on my site - mostly indexes to particular types of lessons - that consistently get high traffic. To make it easier for my readers to find these popular pages, I've put them together into a handy top 10 list that you can bookmark for future reference.

1  Daily French
It makes me very happy to see daily French as my number one page - that must mean that all my nagging about daily practice is working! :-)  Of my daily French features, the Mot du jour is by far the most popular.

2  French Verb Conjugator
Verbs, verbs, and more verbs. Conjugations, auxiliaries, tenses, moods, expressions. My French verb conjugator has everything you ever wanted to know about French verbs.

3  French for Beginners
It's not surprising to see French for beginners in third place, since many of my visitors are new to French. The top pages in this section are the French alphabet, French numbers, most common words, and greetings.

4  French Listening Comprehension
Listening is the most difficult part of French for a lot of people and also the least readily available to independent study students, so it makes sense for my collection of listening comprehension exercises to be in the top 5.

5  French Quizzes and Tests
My virtual students (and teachers) love these self-grading online practice quizzes and proficiency tests - I can't make enough of them!

6  French Terms in English
This page is useful for all English speakers, whether or not they are studying or even particularly interested in French.

7  How to Type Accents
Instructions for any computer and platform.

8  French Gestures
Over the years, the response to this page has been overwhelming. I've received more compliments on my French gestures feature than on all of the other pages of my site put together!

9  French Names
I'm not sure whether this page is popular among students and teachers wanting to spice up French class, or parents looking for potential baby names. Either way, you'll find more than 200 French first names with sound files.

10  French Fun and Games
And finally, my index of French games, crossword puzzles, comics, and other fun activities.
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