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French for Kids - French Resources for Children

French information specially aimed at kids, with all kinds of fun activities like French songs, games, communities, pen pals, and much more. There are sites both for kids that already speak French and for those who would like to learn.
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Tools for Kids
Encouraging your kids to learn French at a young age is one of the best things that you can do for them, but kids won't be happy with some dull grammar book - they need pictures, sounds, and interaction. Here are my favorite resources for kids.

Alphabet and Numbers
Lessons on the French alphabet and numbers specially designed with colorful graphics to help teachers and parents teach kids French, with sound files and links to related resources.

Baby Talk
French has quite a bit of "baby talk" or "kiddie speak" which is usually used by or when talking to children. This informal language is important to recognize, as baby talk can also be found in jokes and in conversations with good friends.

French Names
Kids often enjoy choosing a French name to use during their lessons. These pages include more than 200 of the most popular French names, along with their pronunciation and English equivalents.

French and Francophone Holidays
Learn how Christmas, Halloween, and New Year's are celebrated in French, plus French vocabulary related to other holidays, including Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.

Little Pim French - Eating and Drinking
Little Pim French is a French DVD series for kids. An animated panda bear guides young children through a series of exercises and activities as they learn the basics of French.

Le Petit Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Le Petit Prince is the wonderfully touching and creative story of a man who meets an extraordinary boy and relearns what it means to be a child. It is a French classic in children’s literature, as well as an excellent book for beginning-to-intermediate French students and for anyone who is tired of acting like « une grande personne ».

Sabita et les mots magiques mêlés
Sabita et les mots magiques mêlés is an illustrated French audiobook for children.

Boowa & Kwala's Homepage
Games, stories, and songs for 2 to 8 year-olds.

Chef Malin
Cute site with recipes and cooking tips for kids. French only

Coin des petits
Music, stories, and activities for kids.

Les Jeux de Lulu
Dozens of activities for kids - you must have JavaScript enabled to play.

Little Explorers
English to French Picture dictionary for children. Pick a letter to see the word in both languages, a picture, and hyperlinks to more activities.

Paper City Paris
Templates of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, l'Arc de Triomphe, and other Parisian icons that you can print out to make your own paper version of Paris.

StoryPlus Network
An online publisher of French and English stories for children of all ages. You can search for stories by age group, genre, interest, author, and/or title.

Traceurs français
Kids can learn to write the French alphabet with these colorful letters. There's also a word for each letter to help them remember; e.g., a pour ananas.

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