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French Subjunctive - Regular Conjugations

Learn how to conjugate regular verbs into the subjunctive


Unlike using the French subjunctive, conjugating it is relatively straightforward.

To conjugate all regular verbs ending -ER, -IR, and -RE, as well as some irregular* ones, take the 3rd person plural ils form of the present tense of the verb, drop the -ent ending to find the stem, and add the subjunctive endings:

  parler choisir rendre partir sortir mettre
  ils  parlent choisissent rendent partent sortent mettent
  stem  parl- choisiss- rend- part- sort- mett-
Subjunctive endings       
... que je -e parle choisisse rende parte sorte mette
... que tu -es parles choisisses rendes partes sortes mettes
... qu' il/elle/on  -e parle choisisse rende parte sorte mette
... que nous -ions parlions choisissions rendions partions sortions mettions
... que vous -iez parliez choisissiez rendiez partiez sortiez mettiez
... qu' ils/elles -ent parlent choisissent rendent partent sortent mettent
*Many verbs which are irregular in the present tense are regular in the subjunctive, including all -IR verbs conjugated like partir and sortir and -RE verbs conjugated like mettre.

Other irregular verbs as well as all stem-changing verbs have irregular subjunctive conjugations.
Test on regular subjunctive conjugations
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