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Lequel - French Relative Pronoun

Pronom relatif


Lequel or one of its variations replaces an indirect object referring to a thing* after a preposition,** including prepositions which are required after a given verb or expression.

   Le livre dans lequel j'ai écrit mon nom...
   The book in which I wrote my name...

   Les idées auxquelles j'ai pensé...
   The ideas that I thought about...

   La ville à laquelle je songe...
   The town about which I'm dreaming...

   Le cinéma près duquel*** nous avons mangé...
   The theater near which we ate..., The theater (that) we ate near...

*If the object of the preposition is a person, you need qui.

**Except de - see dont

***How do you know whether to use dont or duquel? You need dont when the preposition is de by itself. You need duquel when de is part of a prepositional phrase, such as près de, à côté de, en face de, etc.

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