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En - French Preposition

Learn how to use the French preposition en


The French preposition en is nearly always used directly in front of a noun, with no article. It can indicate all of the following:

I. Location

il est en prison - he is in jail

j'habite en banlieue - I live in the suburbs

II. Time (en vs dans)

en août - in August

en trois jours - in three days

en semaine - during the week

III. To do something like or as

Je te parle en ami - I'm speaking to you as a friend

Il agit en enfant - He's acting like a kid

IV. Means

voyager en train - to travel by train

rentrer en taxi - to return by taxi

V. Condition or appearance

être en bonne santé - to be in good health

être en guerre - to be at war

être en pyjama - to be in pajamas

VI. Transformation

traduire en français - to translate into French

se déguiser en... - to disguise oneself as...

transformer une salle en bureau - to change a room into an office

VII. Material

un pull en laine - wool sweater

une maison en brique - brick house

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Don't forget that en is also an adverbial pronoun.
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