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French Compound Tenses and Moods

Temps et modes composés


Conjugations for the different French verb tenses and moods can be divided into two categories: simple and compound. Simple tenses and moods have only one part (e.g., je vais) whereas compound tenses and moods have two (je suis allé). This lesson will explain everything you need to know about the more complicated compound conjugations.

But first, a chart: the simple tense or mood on the left is used to conjugate the auxiliary verb for the compound tense or mood on the right, as demonstrated with the verb avoir (to have).

  Simple Compound                   
   tu as
   (you have)
Passé composé
   tu as eu
   (you have had)
   tu avais
   (you were having)
   tu avais eu
   (you had had)
  Passé simple
   tu eus
   (you had)
Past anterior
   tu eus eu
   (you had had)
   tu auras
   (you will have)
Future perfect
   tu auras eu
   (you will have had)
   tu aurais
   (you would have)
Conditional perfect
   tu aurais eu
   (you would have had)
   tu aies
   (you have)
Past subjunctive
   tu aies eu
   (you had)
  Imperfect subjunctive
   tu eusses
   (you were having)
Pluperfect subjunctive
   tu eusses eu
   (you had had)
   (tu) aie
   ([you] have)
Past imperative
   (tu) aie eu
   ([you] have had)
  Present participle
Perfect participle
   ayant eu
   (having had)
   (to have)
Past infinitive
   avoir eu
   (to have had)
Please note that I have provided (English translations) to give you an idea about the differences in meaning, but there may be other possibilities. For detailed information about each tense and mood, click the links to read the lesson. You might also find this lesson helpful: Translating French verbs into English.
See other French verbs conjugated into all the tenses and moods:
  Simple Compound                   
     aller    aller  
     avoir    avoir  
     être    être  
     prendre    prendre  

Go on to page 2 to learn about agreement, negation, and word order with compound tenses and moods.

For more information about how all the different French tenses and moods fit together, take a look at my French verb timeline.
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