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Tips and Tools for French Teachers


This free website has all kinds of tips and tools for French teachers, including lessons, quizzes, classroom games, projects, and inspiring ideas.
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Teaching Tips

Teaching advice from French teachers around the world.

French Assessment

French tests

See what your students already know and what they still need to work on with assorted quizzes and proficiency tests. Encourage them improve their study habits and to use my proofreading page before they turn in homework.

French Class Exercises

Take a look at these detailed exercises for in-class French practice.

French Lessons

This site has hundreds of French lessons for all levels.

French Practice

Listening to French

You know as well as anyone that practice makes perfect. You can use these pages in your classes, and encourage your students to visit them at home.

French Projects

Language classes are as fun or as boring as the teacher and students make them. These project ideas are suitable for traditional French classes, homeschoolers, and independent-study students looking to spice up their self-instruction.

Holidays and Celebrations

French flag

Bring some francophone culture into your French class by celebrating Christmas, Halloween, and more à la française, and learn some French vocabulary related to other holidays.

French Inspiration

Shaking hands à la française

You might be a French teacher because you love French, but chances are at least some of your students are only studying it to fulfill a language requirement. Use these links to show them how useful and interesting the French language really is.

French Class Fun

French fun

At certain times of the school year, especially before holidays and weekends, students can be preoccupied and lose their motivation to continue learning. When that happens, games can make French class a bit more interesting and interactive.

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