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Here is everything you need to start learning French: basic information about French, beginning lessons, sound files, study tips, online tests, practice ideas, Q & A forum, and so much more.
  1. What Is French?
  2. French Grammar
  3. French Pronunciation and Listening
  4. French Spelling
  5. French Vocabulary
  1. French Learning Advice
  2. French Practice
  3. French Tools
  4. French Assessment

What Is French?

French flag

Learn about the French language: where it came from, where it's spoken and by how many people, why you should learn it, and how it compares to other languages.

French Grammar

Grammar is the structure of a language - the verbs that tell you what to do, the nouns that do it, and all the other parts of speech. These lessons on basic French grammar will help you build sentences and express yourself in French.

French Pronunciation and Listening

French pronunciation and listening

When people say that French is a beautiful language, they're talking about the way it sounds. Work on your pronunciation in order to be understood, and practice listening to make sure you can understand others.

French Spelling

French spelling can be kind of tricky as many letters have two or more different pronunciation and/or may be silent, so the sooner you get started, the better.

French Vocabulary

Shaking hands à la française

Ready to learn French? Start with some basic, everyday vocabulary.

French Learning Advice

There is no single perfect way to learn French, but some ways are better than others. Your personal circumstances, too, can make a difference in deciding how and where you should learn French.

French Practice


It doesn't matter how much you study if you never practice what you've learned. Visit the forum or find a pen pal for reading and writing practice, join the Alliance française or take a trip to France to practice listening and speaking, or just play a game or two for fun.

French Tools


Books, tapes, CDs, software, the internet... all of these can be helpful in learning French. Check out these links for recommendations and reviews of the best French learning tools.

French Assessment

French tests

Whether you studied French long ago or have been learning for a while, you can use these links to find out what you know and what you still need to work on, as well as how your study habits rate.

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