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Practice and perfect your French with free online lessons, study tips, practice ideas, tests, common mistakes and difficulties, and much more.
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  3. Practice Your French
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Daily and Weekly French Features

Adding even a little bit of French to your day can make a big difference.

French Grammar Lessons

This site has hundreds of intermediate- and advanced-level French grammar lessons.

French Listening

Listening to French

When you're learning French on your own, listening is one of the hardest things to practice. This site has all kinds of listening exercises with comprehension tests to help you develop your French ear and understand spoken French.

French Pronunciation

French pronunciation is part of what makes French so beautiful to listen to... and so hard to speak. Work on your French pronunciation with these lessons and sound files.

French Reading

Reading French

Reading in French is an excellent way to build your vocabulary and get used to the French style of writing. Take a look at these links for authentic French reading materials and comprehension exercises.

French Vocabulary

The more words you know, the better your French sounds. Learn essential French vocabulary and expressions with these lessons, word lists, and tools.

French Tests and Assessment

French tests

If you learned French years ago, you might remember more than you think. Find out what you know and what you need to work on with assorted French tests and assessment tools.

French Mistakes & Difficulties

We all make mistakes, but most if not all of them can be avoided. Find your particular problem areas and study up until you've mastered your mistakes.

Practice Your French


Study all you want, but what's the point if you never use it? Practicing your French not only gives your study purpose, but also helps you remember what you've learned.

French Study Tips and Tools


Make the most of your study time with these tips and tools.

French Variations

Flag of Francophonie

French varies from place to place and situation to situation. The French spoken in Paris is not the same as in Toulouse or Québec or West Africa. In addition, French has different levels, or registers, ranging from extremely formal to slang. Use these links to become familiar with different varieties of French.

Inspiration and Fun

French fun

Yes, learning French can (and should!) be fun. When you feel overwhelmed or wonder why you should bother, check out these links for some inspiration, fun, and games. Celebrate French holidays like Bastille Day, try your hand at French Concentration... anything that has some link to French or France.

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