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French New Year's Resolutions ~ Bonnes résolutions de nouvel an

Resolve to do more with French this year


Another new year is upon us - take advantage of this annual fresh start to make a New Year's resolution (une bonne résolution de nouvel an) regarding your French learning.

Resolution 1: Make French a priority
Between work, school, chores, family, friends, exercise, and fun, we're all busy, and it can seem impossible to squeeze anything else in. But there are a number of easy ways to fit more French into your life, including by using French where you would normally use your native language.

Resolution 2: Practice French every day
The more time you spend learning and practicing French, the more quickly you will learn and the better you will remember. Resolve to practice French every day - even if it's just by reading the Mot du jour.

Resolution 3: Join the Alliance française
I say this a lot, but only because it's true: if you have a branch of the Alliance française nearby, you should join. Classes, meetings, movies, and other opportunities for more French practice are just around the corner.

Resolution 4: Don't be shy
Many, many French learners hesitate to use their French because it's not perfect. Don't be one of them - avail yourself of any opportunity to practice, mistakes and all.

Resolution 5: Watch French movies, TV, or theater
Make an effort to watch things in French once in a while. French departments of community colleges sometimes put on plays, and independent cinemas are usually good for a French movie now and then. Otherwise, check out the foreign section of your nearest video store, or consider subscribing to an email DVD service.

Resolution 6: Listen to French
You don't have to go to France to listen to French - there are all kinds of resources right here on this site and elsewhere on the internet. Make an effort to listen to French regularly.

Resolution 7: Read in French
Read the French news (online or off), read a book, read a magazine, read a blog - just try to read something in French at least once a week.

Resolution 8: Get rid of mistakes
If you're like me, there are some mistakes that you make over and over. Resolve to get rid of at least one, with regular practice and self-correction. Can't think of anything? See how you do on a French proficiency test.

Resolution 9: Have fun
French learning doesn't have to be tedious - play games, read comics, listen to music. Anything you do that involves French is good.

Resolution 10: Plan a trip
Why not put your French to the real test? A visit to France or another French-speaking area can be interesting, informative, and inspiring.

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