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You might be a Francophile if...

... vous pouvez lire cette phrase


Are you a Francophile? Do you think about and in French all day long? What does it mean to be a French fanatic, and is there a cure? Share your French thoughts with other Francophiles.

According to the dictionary, a Francophile is someone who loves and/or admires the French language, French people, and/or France. That definition can seem kind of tame when you consider how obsessed some people can be with French and France.

I fell in love with France when I was in high school and spent the next 15 or so years trying to move there - I finally succeeded in 2008. As for the language, I took two or three French classes at a time all through college and have been writing in and about French full-time since 1999, building this site as a repository for my knowledge in order to share it with other French lovers from all over the world. My list of gifts for Francophiles barely scratches the surface of all the French materials I've collected over the years. When new versions of dictionaries or grammar books come out, I buy them immediately of course, but I also keep the old versions, just in case (of what, I don't know). The only way I could possibly be more of a French fanatic would be to renounce my native language or marry a French guy. The fact that my current and much beloved husband speaks French is probably the only thing that has saved him. :-)

A few years ago, I had a lot of fun coming up with possible indicators of francophilia for my Are you a Francophile? and Are you a French fanatic? quizzes. Not everyone agrees with me, so here's your chance to spell out what it means to be a Francophile. Please click "What is a Francophile?" below and finish this sentence: You might be a Francophile if ...
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