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You can't really speak French unless you know about the culture too - they go hand-in-hand. Check these links for information about the arts, fashion, music, sports, and the history of France and many other francophone countries.
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Holidays in France and Francophone Countries
There are dozens of francophone countries, and each one has its own holidays and celebrations. Celebrate them all with this calendar of holidays from around the French-speaking world.

Moroccan Culture Series
A series of articles about various aspects of Moroccan culture, as experienced by your French Guide while living in the heart of Casablanca.

French and France
A place for Francophiles, on Facebook. Lovers of French language, culture, food, and travel unite!

Books by Peter Mayle
Did you know that, in addition to the Provence series, Peter Mayle has written three novels set in Provence and a couple of books on other topics? If you're looking for something funny and interesting to read, any of these books will fit the bill.

Non-Fiction about French and France
You've probably seen dozens of travel and grammar books; what about the human side of learning French and visiting France? There are some great books - humorous yet helpful, fun but not frivolous. Here's my favorite non-fiction on French and France.

Fiction Set in France
I find that books about France, whether fiction or non-fiction, pique my appetite for travel more than anything else. I love writers who weave culture and language into their stories and memories. Of course, the best books are probably those written in French, but since not everyone reads well enough to survive Germinal, here's a list of my favorite English-language novels set in France.

Online guide to European culture - including art, dance, music, and cuisine - with articles in English, French, and (sometimes) German.

Wallonie en ligne
A world of information about French-speaking Belgium, in French.

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