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French Unisex Names

Prénoms français unisexe


Looking for a gender neutral name to use in French class, or inspiration for naming your baby? This list includes some common French names that are suitable for both boys and girls, along with sound files and English equivalents in italics. (f) indicates that there is an equivalent English name only for girls:


Claude   Claude, Claudia

Dominique   Dominic, Dominica

Florence   Florence (f)

Francis   Francis, Frances

Maxime   Max, Maxine

Although they're not truly unisex, some names have different spellings for boys and girls which are pronounced identically:

Aimé, Aimée   Amy (f)

André, Andrée   Andrew, Andrea

Daniel, Danièle/Danielle

Emmanuel, Emanuèle/Emmanuelle

Frédéric, Frédérique   Frederick, Fredericka

Gabriel, Gabrièle/Gabrielle

José, Josée   Joseph, Josephine

Marcel, Marcèle/Marcelle

Michel, Michèle/Michelle   Michael, Michelle

René, Renée   Renee (f)

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