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Noël nouvelet - French Christmas Carol

Lyrics for "Noël nouvelet" - a traditional French Christmas carol


"Noël nouvelet" is a traditional French Christmas carol. This was long ago translated into English as "Sing We Now of Christmas," though the lyrics are somewhat different. The translation given here is the literal translation of the original French Christmas carol.

Noël nouvelet, Noël chantons ici,
Dévotes gens, crions à Dieu merci !

          New Christmas, Christmas we sing here,
          Devout people, let us shout our thanks to God!

Chorus :
Chantons Noël pour le Roi nouvelet ! (bis)
Noël nouvelet, Noël chantons ici !

          Let us sing Christmas for the new King! (repeat)
          New Christmas, Christmas we sing here.

L'ange disait! pasteurs partez d'ici!
En Bethléem trouverez l'angelet.

          The angel said! Shepherds leave this place!
          In Bethlehem you'll find the little angel.

En Bethléem, étant tous réunis,
Trouvèrent l'enfant, Joseph, Marie aussi.

          In Bethlehem, all united,
          Were found the child, Joseph, and Mary too.

Bientôt, les Rois, par l'étoile éclaircis,
A Bethléem vinrent une matinée.

          Soon, the Kings, by the bright star
          To Bethlehem came one morning.

L'un partait l'or; l'autre l'encens bem;
L'étable alors au Paradis semblait.

          One brought gold, the other priceless incense;
          The stable thus seemed like Heaven.
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