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Les Anges dans nos campagnes - French Christmas Carol

Lyrics for "Les Anges dans nos campagnes" - a traditional French Christmas carol


Les Anges dans nos campagnes is a traditional French Christmas carol which was long ago translated into English as Angels We Have Heard On High. To my untrained ear, the tune is similar to that of Come All Ye Faithful, but I have been informed that they are in fact completely different. The translation provided here is the literal translation of the French Christmas carol.

Les anges dans nos campagnes
Ont entonné l'hymne des cieux
Et l'écho de nos montagnes
Redit ce chant mélodieux
Gloria in excelsis Déo! (bis)

          The angels in our fields
          Started singing the heavenly hymn
          And the echo of our mountains
          Repeat this melodious song.
          Gloria in excelsis Déo! (repeat)

Bergers, pour qui cette fête
Quel est l'objet de tous ces chants ?
Quel vainqueur, quelle conquête
Mérite ces cris triomphants ?
Gloria in excelsis Déo! (bis)

          Shepherds, for whom this party
          What is the point of all these songs?
          Which victor, which conquest
          Merits these triumphant cries?
          Gloria in excelsis Déo! (repeat)

Il est né, le Dieu de gloire
Terre, tressaille de bonheur
Que tes hymnes de victoire
Chantent, célèbrent ton sauveur !
Gloria in excelsis Déo! (bis)

          He is born, the God of glory
          Land, shakes with joy
          That your hymns of victory
          Sing, celebrate your savoir!
          Gloria in excelsis Déo! (repeat)
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