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French Verb Conjugator

Free tool to conjugate all your French verbs


French Verb Conjugator

The French verb conjugator provides two ways for you to find the conjugations for more than 1,200 French verbs: either type a verb in the box or use the drop-down to choose one. When you click "Conjugate!" you will see that verb conjugated in the simple tenses, plus everything you need to conjugate the compound tenses.


  1. Type the French infinitive without accents, in all lower case, and with no reflexive pronoun: finir, etre, aller, or moquer, not fini, être, Aller, or se moquer. If you get sent to my verb conjugation index, you've either misspelled the verb or tried to find one that's not included.
  2. If you don't know the infinitive, try my French verb deconjugator.
  3. After you type or choose a verb, be sure to to click the "Conjugate" button, rather than pressing the enter key.
  4. The French verb conjugator includes only simple tenses, not compound tenses. But it does include each verb's auxiliary and past participle, which are all you need to conjugate compound tenses.
  5. If you like cool French verb tools, check out The Subjunctivator!
The JavaScript for my French verb conjugator was kindly provided by Stephen Chapman.
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Improve your French verb conjugations
Conjugating French verbs in a workbook or letter is one thing, but remembering individual verb conjugations when you're speaking is another matter entirely. Here are some tips to help you get better at conjugating French verbs.
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