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Product Summary
LanguageWise Publications
Guide Rating -  
Pros  •  Unique publications on many different aspects of French
•  Corrections are included in the back of each book
•  Books are equally useful for classroom and independent study
Con  •  The books seem a bit expensive considering the simple format: black and white photocopies stapled or wire-bound into softcover books
The Bottom Line - An interesting variety of resources for French students and teachers. 

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Product Description
•  Le français pratique - Dialogues and vocabulary building
•  Je sais conjuguer - Verb conjugations and exercises
•  À vous de jouer ! - Written grammar and vocabulary exercises
Publisher's Website
Guide Review
LanguageWise Publications publishes a variety of resources for all levels of French students.

For vocabulary seekers, Le français pratique includes more than two dozen dialogues on different topics such as traveling, talking on the phone, sports, clothing sizes, and going to the bank. After each dialogue, there are several vocabulary substitution exercises which can be used in role-playing exercises to help students build up their vocabulary on each topic.

Je sais conjuguer is a new approach to verb conjugations. Verbs are divided into three categories (-ER, -IR, and irregular, including all -RE verbs) in order to facilitate memorization. After fewer than 20 pages of conjugations, the rest of the book is made up of verb exercises (with corrections) on each tense and mood.

À vous de jouer ! is made up of 100 written exercises (with answers), ranging from easy to very difficult, in a variety of formats: fill-in-the-blank, matching, short answer, etc. The exercises test students' knowledge of both grammar and vocabulary and can be used in the classroom as well as for independent study.

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