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French IPA Symbols

An introduction to the IPA symbols used to represent French sounds


Introduction to IPA | French IPA Symbols

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A Course in Phonetics, by P. Ladefoged

Handbook of the International Phonetic Association

Phonetic Symbol Guide, by G.K. Pullum, W.A. Ladusaw

The Sounds of the World's Languages (Phonological Theory), by P. Ladefoged

French pronunciation is represented by a relatively small number of IPA characters, so in order to transcribe French phonetically, you just need to memorize those.

French IPA symbols can be divided into four categories:

  1. Consonants
  2. Vowels
  3. Nasal Vowels
  4. Semi-Vowels

There is also a single diacritical mark, which I have included with the consonants.


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