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The French audio dictionary contains more than 2,000 entries, each with a French word or expression, sound file, English translation, and links to additional or related information.


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G the letter G French alphabet
Gabriel Gabriel French names
Gabrielle Gabrielle French names
gâcher to waste, spoil, botch; to temper, mix MdJ - G
une gaffe blunder, clanger/foot in the mouth MdJ - G
gager to bet, wager; to guarantee (a loan) MdJ - G
un gagne-pain (inf) - job MdJ - G
une galère galley (of a ship) MdJ - G
gamin (adj) - mischievous, playful, childish MdJ - G
un gamin (inf) - kid, urchin MdJ - G
une gamme range, variety, line (of products), (music) scale MdJ - G
des gants (m) gloves Accessories
une garderie day-care center, preschool; after-school center/club MdJ - G
la gare train station Transportation
la gare d'autobus bus station Transportation
la gare de métro    subway station Transportation
le gaspi (inf) - waste Apocopes

to waste, squander 

MdJ - G
Gaston French names
le gâteau cake Dessert
gâter to spoil, damage, ruin MdJ - G
gaver to forcefeed; to fill up, cram MdJ - G
le gaz (natural) gas, fizz, wind MdJ - G
gazer (inf) - to go, feel, work MdJ - G


to chirp, to babble MdJ - G
geler to freeze (literally and figuratively) MdJ - G

to moan, bemoan, groan; to creak 

MdJ - G

to bother, to hamper (literally and fig) 

MdJ - G
Geneviève French names
génial (adj) - of genius, inspired; (inf) - great, cool MdJ - G
le genou knee Body
gentil (adj) - kind, nice, good MdJ - G
Georges George French names
un gérant manager Professions
Gérard Gerald French names
gercer to chap, crack MdJ - G
gérer to manage, administer MdJ - G
une gifle slap, smack MdJ - G
Gilbert Gilbert French names
Gilles Giles French names
giratoire (adj) - gyrating, circular movement MdJ - G
un gîte shelter, tourist cottage MdJ - G
givré (adj) - frosted, covered in frost; (inf) - drunk; crazy MdJ - G
la glace ice cream, mirror Dessert, Furniture
un glaçon ice cube; block of ice MdJ - G
gnon dent, bump, blow MdJ - G
gober to swallow whole, (inf) to swallow hook, line, and sinker MdJ - G
godiche (informal adj) silly, awkward, lumpish, oafish MdJ - G
une gomme eraser School

to inflate, swell; (fam) - to get on one's nerves

MdJ - G
un/e gosse (inf) - kid MdJ - G
se gourer (fam) - to goof, boob, screw up MdJ - G
le goûter snack Food
une goutte drop, gout, (inf) brandy MdJ - G
un grain bean, seed, grain, cereal MdJ - G
grand (adj) - tall Descriptions
un grand magasin department store Shopping
une grand-mère grandmother Family
un grand-père grandfather Family
le gratte-ciel (invariable) - skyscraper MdJ - G
gratter to scratch, to make itch, to earn a bit of money MdJ - G
le gré liking, desire MdJ - G
la greffe transplant, graft MdJ - G
Grégoire Gregory French names
le grenier attic Home
une griffe claw; manufacturer's label, signature stamp MdJ - G
grignoter to nibble, gnaw at; to eat away at MdJ - G
un gril steak/grill pan MdJ - G
grimper to climb, clamber MdJ - G
la grippe flu, influenza MdJ - G
gris grey Colors
grogner grumble, grunt, moan MdJ - G
grognon (adj) - grumpy, gruff MdJ - G
gros (adj) - fat Descriptions
un groupuscule (pej) - small political group MdJ - G
une grue crane (machinery and bird) MdJ - G
guetter to watch, watch out for, lie in wait for; to be at risk of MdJ - G
un guichet automatique de banque (GAB)

ATM / cash dispenser

MdJ - G
un guidon handlebars MdJ - G
Guillaume William French names
un guillemet quotation mark, inverted comma Punctuation
Gustave French names
Guy Bill French names

French Audio Dictionary

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Key to abbreviations (pop up window)


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