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French Audio Dictionary - A

French Terms with Definitions and Sound Files

The French-English audio dictionary contains more than 2,000 entries, each with a French word or expression, sound file, English translation, and links to additional or related information.


Audio Dictionary

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Key to abbreviations (pop up window)

A the letter A French alphabet
abaisser to pull/push down, to lower MdJ - A
abandonné (adj) - abandoned, disused; relaxed MdJ - A
abattre to pull down; to slaughter; to weaken MdJ - A
un abcès abscess Dentist
À bientôt See you soon Greetings
s'abonner à to subscribe, to buy a season ticket MdJ - A
aborder to reach; approach; start up, take on MdJ - A
aboutir to succeed; to end up MdJ - A
abracadabrant (adj) - incredible, preposterous MdJ - A
un abri shelter, refuge MdJ - A
un abricot apricot Fruit
abrutir to exhaust, to deaden one's mind MdJ - A
absent (adj) - absent, lacking, missing MdJ - A
Acadie Acadia Acadia defined
accablant (adj) - exhausting, oppressive, overwhelming MdJ - A
un accélérateur gas pedal Driving
les accessoires (m) accessories Accessories
accro (inf adj) - hooked, addicted MdJ - A
une accroche lead-in, catch phrase, headline MdJ - A
l'acharnement (m) fierceness, fury, determination MdJ - A
les achats (m) shopping Shopping
à côté de next to Directions
un acteur actor Professions
actif (adj) - active MdJ - A
l'actif (m) assets, credits MdJ - A
une actrice actress Professions
actualité (f) current events, news MdJ - A
l'addition (f) check/bill Restaurant
Adélaïde Adelaide French names
Adèle Adela French names
À demain See you tomorrow Greetings
Adieu Farewell Greetings
un(e) ado (inf) - teenager Apocopes
Adrien Adrian French names
Adrienne Adriana French names
à droite right Directions
un aeroport (m) airport Airport
affadir to make tasteless, dull, uninteresting, colorless MdJ - A
une affiche poster Furniture
afficher to post, display, flaunt MdJ - A
affubler to wear something bizarre (as if to disguise) MdJ - A
Africain(e) African Lang + Nat
Agathe Agatha French names
Agnès Agnes French names
à gauche left Directions
l'agneau (m) lamb Meat
une agrafe staple Office
une agrafeuse stapler Office
agréable nice, pleasant, pleasing Bon synonyms
agréger to aggregate, incorporate MdJ - A
ah bon (interj) - oh really? (not "oh good") MdJ - A
Aidez-moi ! Help! Travel
Aimé (loved) French names
Aimée Amy, (loved) French names
à la carte side order (not part of le menu) Restaurant
Alain Alan, Allen French names
alambiqué (adj) - convoluted, involved, obsure MdJ - A
À la prochaine Until next time Greetings
à la rigueur (adv) - or even, if need be MdJ - A
Alexandre Alexander French names
Alexandrie Alexandria French names
Alexis French names
Alfred Alfred French names
Algérien(ne) Algerian Lang + Nat
Alice Alice French names
Alix Alex French names
alléchant (adj) - mouth-watering, tempting, enticing MdJ - A
Allemand(e), l'allemand German Lang + Nat
allergique à ... allergic to... Restaurant
une alliance wedding ring Jewelry
Allô ? Hello? On the phone
alourdir to weigh/load down, to make heavy MdJ - A
Alphonse Alfonso French names
un amant lover Love language
une amante lover Love language
un amateur amateur, lover of MdJ - A
Amaury French names
Amélie Amelia French names
améliorer to improve MdJ - A
Américain(e) American Lang + Nat
un(e) ami(e) friend Love language
amical (adj) - friendly Personality
les amis the friends Liaisons
amitié (f) friendship, liking, kindness MdJ - A
l'amour love Love language
une ampleur fullness, liberalness, opulence; scale, extent MdJ - A
Anaïs French names
un ananas pineapple Fruit
Anastasie Anastasia French names
les anchois anchovies Meat
les anciens élèves former students Liaisons
André Andrew French names
Andrée Andrea French names
anéantir to annihilate, destroy; to overwhelm, overcome MdJ - A
une anesthésie locale local anesthesia Dentist
Anglais(e), l'anglais English Lang + Nat
anglo-saxon (adj) - of or relating to British civilization MdJ - A
une anicroche (inf) - hitch, snag, problem MdJ - A
les animaux sont interdits no pets allowed Restaurant
animer to lead, conduct; drive, encourage; liven up MdJ - A
animé (adj) - busy, lively, animated MdJ - A
Anne Ann French names
l'anniversaire de mariage wedding anniversary Love language
un annuaire phone book On the phone
anonymat (m) anonymity MdJ - A
un anorak ski jacket Clothing
Anouk French names
Antoine Anthony French names
Antoinette Antoinette French names
Anton French names
août August Calendar
à peine (adv) - hardly, barely MdJ - A
un apéritif cocktail Drinks
à point medium-rare Restaurant
un appart (fam) - apartment, flat MdJ - A
un appel en P.C.V. collect call On the phone
appeler to call On the phone
apprivoiser to tame, domesticate, make more sociable MdJ - A
appui (m) support MdJ - A
après être venu after having come Optional liaisons
l'arabe Arabic Lang + Nat
l'argenterie (f) silverware Dishes
une armoire closet Furniture
arnaquer (fam) - to swindle, rip off; to nab, arrest MdJ - A
Arnaud French names
Arnaude French names
arracher to lift, tear out/off, pull up/out; to snatch MdJ - A
un arrêt stop MdJ - A
arrière (m) back, stern MdJ - A
en arrière behind, backwards MdJ - A
les arrivées Arrivals Airport
un arrondissement district; rounding, swelling MdJ - A
arroser to water, spray, (inf) - to drink to MdJ - A
Arthur Arthur French names
un artichaut artichoke Vegetables
un(e) artiste artist Professions
Asiatique Asian Lang + Nat
les asperges (f) asparagus Vegetables
assez fairly Très synonyms
assez utile fairly useful Optional liaisons
une assiette plate Dishes
assoupir to make drowsy MdJ - A
s'assoupir to doze off MdJ - A
assuré (adj) - confident Mood
astreindre to compel, force MdJ - A
Astrid French names
à ta santé cheers Politeness
atavique (adj) - atavistic, hereditary MdJ - A
à temps partiel (adv, adj) - part-time MdJ - A
à tes souhaits bless you (after a sneeze) Politeness
un atout asset, trump card MdJ - A
À tout à l'heure See you soon Greetings
un attentat murder attempt, attack MdJ - A
attention ! (interj) - Warning! Watch out! MdJ - A
une aubergine eggplant Vegetables
Audrey Audrey French names
au fait by the way; informed of; Get to the point! MdJ - A
Auguste Augustus French names
Augustin Augustus French names
auparavant (adv) - beforehand, previously MdJ - A
au pif as a rough guess, at random MdJ - A
Aurélie French names
Aurore (dawn) French names
autant (adv) - as much/many, so much/many MdJ - A
une auto car Driving
une autoroute highway Driving
l'auto-stop (m) hitchhiking Driving
auprès de (prep) - next to, compared with, in the view of MdJ - A
Au revoir Good-bye Greetings
Au secours ! Help! Travel
au téléphone on the phone On the phone
Australien(ne) Australian Lang + Nat
l'autobus bus Transportation
automne autumn Calendar
avant hier the day before yesterday Liaisons
avec elle with her Enchaînement
avenant (adj) - pleasant, welcoming MdJ - A
un aventurier adventurer MdJ - A
avéré (adj) - known, recognized MdJ - A
s'avérer to turn out (that) MdJ - A
l'avion plane Airport
un avocat, une avocate lawyer (barrister) Professions
avoir to have Food
avoir faim to be hungry Food
avoir soif to be thirsty Food
à vos souhaits bless you (after a sneeze) Politeness
à votre santé cheers Politeness
avouer to avow, confess, admit MdJ - A
avril April Calendar

French Audio Dictionary

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Key to abbreviations (pop up window)


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