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Q: Why can't I listen to the sound files?

If you are unable to listen to the sound files on this site, this page may help.

First, check your speakers - make sure that they are plugged in and turned on.

Second, verify that you have an audio player installed on your computer. You can download a program such as RealPlayer and/or QuickTime for free.

Third, make sure that your internet browser settings allow sounds to be played.

Fourth, some of the sound files open in new browser windows, so if you have a pop up blocker installed, you may need to disable it for my site or override the blocker while clicking the listen link.

If you have confirmed all of the above but you still cannot access my sound files, you will need to ask a friend who is good with computers for help.

Q: How can I save the sound file to my computer?

On a Windows computer, right-click the link and choose "save target" to save the audio file to your computer. On a Mac, ctrl-click and choose "save as."

Please note that the long sound files used for my listening comprehension exercises are provided by various publishers in various formats. The publishers have granted me permission to use their sound files here, but, depending on the publisher, you may or may not be able to save them. If you have trouble with these sound files, you need to contact the publisher directly - the source of the sound file is always listed in the red box toward the bottom of the page.

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