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French for Travelers - Le Voyage

Learn some basic French vocabulary related to travel, or sign up for my Travel French newsletter.

Essential vocabulary (also see Politeness and Basics)
Où se trouve... / Où est... ? Where is...?
Je voudrais... I would like...
Combien coûte... ? How much does ... cost?
Je ne peux pas trouver... I can't find....
Je suis perdu. I'm lost.
Pouvez-vous m'aider ? Can you help me?
Au secours !
Aidez-moi !
information touristique tourist information
la douane customs
le passeport passport
la carte map
Attention ! Watch out!
ouvert / fermé open / closed
interdit forbidden
défense d'entrer do not enter
hors service / en panne out of service
Bon voyage ! Have a good trip!


Travel Vocabulary
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French Travel Books

Accommodations Ailments
Airport Banking/Money
Directions Driving
Emergency! Illness
Renting a Car Restaurant
Shops and Stores Transportation

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