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Quantities, Weights, + Measures in French
Les Quantités, les Poids et les Mesures

Learn how to talk about quantities so that you can go shopping and follow recipes in French.

Note that all of these expressions must be followed by de + noun without the definite or partitive article. For example, a kilogram of apples = un kilo(gramme) de pommes, NOT un kilo des pommes. There are some fairly rare exceptions to this rule, which you can read about in the advanced lesson.

Specific quantities, weights, and measures
  une boîte de can, box, tin
  une bouteille de bottle
  un carton de box
une cuillère à soupe de tablespoon
une cuillère à thé de teaspoon
un kilogramme de
un kilo de
un litre de liter
une livre de pound
un mille mile
un pied foot
un pot de jar, cup
un pouce inch
une tasse de cup
un verre de glass
General expressions of quantity - See Adverbs of quantity lesson


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