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French Numbers - Listen and Repeat

Learn and practice saying French numbers

Learning to count in French is one thing - it's fairly easy to memorize un, deux, trois. It's another matter entirely to be able to think of a number without counting up to it, or to understand individual numbers when you hear them. Fortunately, practice makes perfect, and these sound files can help you to get better at understanding and using French numbers.

French number exercises
Numbers 0-9 Numbers 10-19
Numbers 20-69 Numbers 70-99
Numbers 100-999 Numbers: 1000s
Millions + billions Decimals

Telling Time

This multi-page series of exercises can help you with French numbers.

  • The first exercise for each group of numbers is a simple list, with a pause after each one for you to repeat.
  • "Exercises" are random series of several dozen numbers to help you get used to hearing individual numbers and develop your comprehension.
  • The random numbers page plays the sound file for a single randomly generated French number on each click.



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