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Readers Respond: You might be a Francophile if ...

Responses: 117


You might be a francophile...

if you wish you lived in 50's Paris purely to experience Edith Piaf
—Guest Bobatron

What is a Francophile?

You might be a Francophile if ...you listen french music and watch youtube videos in french almost all the time
—Guest rodrigo


vous rêvez en français...this happenstance qualifies it pour moi.

You might be a francophile if ...

you review in your head the grammar rule you've just picked up today and finally you're unwound enough to fall asleep.
—Guest Yenney

You are a bona fide Francophile when...

the perfect weekend includes sipping on French wines, dining on ...fromage, du pain, des saucisson et des fruits... while watching American movies with French subtitles just so you can perfect your comprehension and accent!! Ooh la la!
—Guest piedsagiles2010@gmail.com

Francophile Suspects May be Compelled

to translate all highway signs to French as they drive and read all license plates in French, especially if the numbers range into the hundreds of thousands.

French 101 ...

... you're over fifty and still slightly in awe of the woman who first explained to you 40 years ago in French 101 that every noun was going to be either LE or LA. Répétez après moi, s’il vous plaît …LA table ...
—Guest davidmmac


You know you must be a francophile when in middle age you find yourself reading all that medieval literature that you worked so hard to avoid in graduate school.
—Guest yellowrosecottag

Freedom fries

McDonald's fries don't satisfy you anymore because they haven't been "twice-fried."
—Guest tonyCJ2

you find yourself telling friends...

"there is no word for this in English, but in French they say... [fill in the blank. my favorite is "à côté de ses pompes]," which is probably très agaçant for the non-French speakers (let them râler).


..... you find, even, the guillotine to be chic :]

I'm happy Radio Nostalgie exists

For me it is the same, as David wrote: "you talk to yourself in French all day knowing that you really don't speak French well enough to talk to somebody else in French all day; and, it makes you happy anyway. —Guest David"
—Guest Irena

might be a francophile if

if you know your last meal on earth must be les moules et des frites

Vous êtes Francophile si...

1. Vous répondez en français 2. Vous Jouez Pétanque, en buvant un bon verre de vin français 3) Votre aimez les chansons de... Charles (Aznavour, bien sur!), Lara Fabian, Alizée, et le Jazz cool de Sydney Bechet, Yves Montand) et n'oubliez pas Eartha Kitt!! Notez Bien que seulement entre eux Alizée parle la langue française comme langue Maternelle. 3) Son ROMAN favori est de Colette (Oui, "Chéri"! 4) VOUS ÊTES PASSIONANT PRO sÉGO (OÚ , hÉLAS, sARKO! 5) En tout cas vous aimez les femmes françaises. ci incluses:- MME Sarko, La petite Alizée, Vanessa Paradis, Jane ??Biorkin...et Kristine Espinasse et Laura Lawless! aussi
—Guest Gary Rodan, Austin Texas

You might be a Francphile if...

When you think of "red, white and blue" you don't automatically see stars.
—Guest bobodeparis

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