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Readers Respond: You might be a Francophile if ...

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You might be a Francophile if...

you have a song in your head then find yourself lying awake for hours at night trying to translate it into French...

You might be a Francophile if...

you have a counter displayed on your computer desktop that counts down the days, hours and minutes until you next visit France!

You might be a Francophile if...

You've struggled with this absurd language most of your adult life...but you still look forward to your next trip to France where you will find yourself, once again, inarticulate and tongue-tied.
—Guest Rami

You might be a francophile if.....

you offer to work for someone in France (who is renovating) in exchange for your room for the 2 months you are there so you can improve your French. It worked!
—Guest Regina

Je suis sur que je suis un francophile:

Because souvenirs brought back from France are the decorating theme of our home: "Sonnez S.V.P" sign at the doorbell; Paris street signs in the "entr

...you ditch your friends in a club...

...to go and speak to some French girls you overheard. I actually did this once, so happy was I to actually find some French speakers outside of class! Luckily my friends were understanding!

You might be a Francophile if...

an artist friend does a caricature of you as a surprise birthday present, sitting on a restaurant balcony in Paris... ( posted on this page: http://www.stevensauke.com/stevenme.html )

You might be Francophile if.......

You always want to speak in french,live in french style,taste french food and adore their culture.
—Guest Veena.M


you start drinking at 11am, smoke Gauloises all day long and spend the afternoons playing penanque.
—Guest kim

Vous pourriez etre francophile si ...

... you regularly watch French tv programs, regularly listen to podcasts in French, and regularly read French novels. Or you write things in French that don't need to be ;-)

You might be a francophile if ...

You constantly speak French... more French than English. You always dream of living in a french speaking country especially France. You're always thinking of marrying a french guy and having french kids. You adore la musique de francais. You're always enthusiastic when it comes to learning something in french. You love to meet French people. You live in the Caribbean but you frequently call unknown people in France just to have a chat. You speak to everyone in french whether they understand or not. There are also instances when you give up friends just to study french. There's so much more that I do but it seems just too much to mention. A bientot!
—Guest Crystal

you might be a francophile if..

You are cocorico. You know more about france than your own country
—Guest jean jacques

You might be a francophile if .....

....while in France, a stranger tells you "ton anglais est excellent"! (my proudest moment, never repeated!)
—Guest Gareth

You might be a francophile if .....

....you dream in French and sleep-talk in French!
—Guest Gareth

You might be a francophile if...

...you use one of your floating holidays to celebrate Bastille Day.

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