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Reader Stories: Living in France


Many people dream of living in France, but relatively few are able to make that dream come true. Share your stories of why and how you were able to live in France.

Tutoring English

I had my bills paid while I was gone directly from my bank Visa account (including for my American apartment). My NEWSWEEK subscription from home actually transferred to my French address for that ti…More

My girlfriend wanted to marry me in France

I had a job offer as a typist in Paris, so I had the opportunity of moving to France. My girlfriend, an original French native, wanted to marry me in France. So, I got my work permit, birth certifica…More

I was eligible to apply for citizenship

I was eligible to apply for citizenship. One parent French and the other Italian. However; there was an incredible amount of resentment and downright aggression by the consulate in the US when I star…More

I married a French national

I sold everything bought a return ticket and came as a visitor. I did not have to worry about renting as I moved in with my husband. I am retired so I get a pension from home. My husband helped me op…More

I used to be a Francophile

I am an Irish Citizen so it was very easy for me. I have spent a lot of time in Europe and France was not my number 1 choice but my wife liked it because of easy access to other countries. We live in…More

To escape from the gloom of England

I looked on google earth and decided that this was were I wanted to be. Bought a trailer sold everything and put what was left in the trailer and headed East to eternal sunshine and new adventures wi…More

Living in France is harder than I thought

I was born in the EU in Italy, but I currently am an English citizen and England is outside of the EU. They said that I had to register for the card things because I lived in England, I am a quarter …More

Born to EU-member parents, double-sided sword

Born to EU-member parents, double-sided sword, I probably would have strived to work in the Southern hemisphere had this not been mentally and logistically easier. On the whole, it was straight forwa…More

It was the right time

I am very careful with my finances! But I do not have a car, my apartment is paid for, and I am covered by the French national health care system. Of course I pay my taxes, but the burden is not grea…More

I got married to a French citizen

As soon as I moved here, I took intensive French courses and then looked for work in my field, which is very specialized. There was a lot of paperwork, but we found it quite organized. In additional,…More

Joined my Belgian husband in Paris

Despite all the horror stories about making visa to France, the process I went thru was quite smooth. Yes the paper works to get the visa was as thick as a dictionary but I did it with ease since it …More

It's hard at first but you get used to it

If you have kids and you want them to learn the french faster then i advise you to put them in to a good french school with not too many other English kids. (i lost a year of learning by having a bad…More

A real experience for our children

We had to organise a long term visitor visa. There were a lot of requirements and the visa website was not clear a lot of the time. You were not allowed to phone them and ask any visa questions. We a…More

Lived in France while working in Switzerland

I simply applied at the Maire de Ferney-Voltaire where we lived. There were so many UN employees living in that town that the Maire had a dedicated employee to take care of all the administration rel…More

Bought a round-trip ticket... and stayed

I packed my suitcase, booked a flight (return flight since I'm not an EU citizen) and lived with his family until we got on our feet after having been on a 1 year holiday together O/S. I came with ha…More

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