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Reader Stories: Living in France


Many people dream of living in France, but relatively few are able to make that dream come true. Share your stories of why and how you were able to live in France.

I got married to a French citizen

As soon as I moved here, I took intensive French courses and then looked for work in my field, which is very specialized. There was a lot of paperwork, but we found it quite organized. In additional,…More

Joined my Belgian husband in Paris

Despite all the horror stories about making visa to France, the process I went thru was quite smooth. Yes the paper works to get the visa was as thick as a dictionary but I did it with ease since it …More

It's hard at first but you get used to it

If you have kids and you want them to learn the french faster then i advise you to put them in to a good french school with not too many other English kids. (i lost a year of learning by having a bad…More

A real experience for our children

We had to organise a long term visitor visa. There were a lot of requirements and the visa website was not clear a lot of the time. You were not allowed to phone them and ask any visa questions. We a…More

Lived in France while working in Switzerland

I simply applied at the Maire de Ferney-Voltaire where we lived. There were so many UN employees living in that town that the Maire had a dedicated employee to take care of all the administration rel…More

Bought a round-trip ticket... and stayed

I packed my suitcase, booked a flight (return flight since I'm not an EU citizen) and lived with his family until we got on our feet after having been on a 1 year holiday together O/S. I came with ha…More

I am in love with France

I married the love of my life, a French man, this year. I've studied French since highschool and I would practice speaking it to French players on XboxLive. One day I was on Halo when a group of Fren…More

Parisians are wonderful people

I took a sabbatical from work to move to Paris and began studying French at Alliance Francaise. My wife and I located an apartment on the internet, rented it and moved to Paris where we lived for 5 m…More

The feelings experienced there will be with me for a life time

Talked over with family and told them that this was dream of mine, saved the money and made plans to go there in the summer. Took a French class to add to the experience and provided me with a struct…More

The moon and stars aligned

I studied French at one of the language schools, and spent many days wandering around with my camera, recording the visual feast that is France. With only a tourist visa, opportunities to find work a…More

Try everything

I moved to Nevers, France, where I spent a year teaching English to elementary-aged students (5-12 years old). There were several other English assistants in my town, and since we only worked 12 hour…More

The quality of life is better than expected

We sold our house in the UK, put our furniture into store, got in the car and went. We had drawn a 100km arc around Bordeaux and headed in that direction.We ended up in Cognac, rented a gite for a fe…More

Becoming a francophile was inevitable

I returned on a visit at the age of 18 after school and visited all the friends I had made 3 years earlier for a few days and promised to come back when I could. Then starting my studies at Sydney Un…More

I was an au pair

There is an au pair/student visa which the family applied for when they hired me. It was a lot of work for them, but all I had to do was sign some papers!I found the family through newaupair.com, but…More

Difficult to live here if you can't speak French

I married a French man. I met him when he came to work in my country. I married him in my country and not in France. Even so, it is difficult to get all the right paperwork done before I finally got …More

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