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French Wine

French wine is considered by many (notably the French) to be the best wine there is. Whether you agree or not, French wine is certainly *among* the best, so check out these links for information about French wine.

French Wine Pronunciation
If you love French wine but hate ordering it, here's a page that can help. This list of French wines and related vocabulary includes sound files to help you pronounce the names of French wines.

French Wine Tasting Terms
There is a whole science to wine, called oenology, that analyzes everything from making wine to tasting wine. The latter is the most important part for consumers, so here are some terms to help you talk about what you're drinking.

Wine in France
Introductory, bilingual article about wine in France.

Beaujolais Nouveau
The third Thursday in November is Beaujolais Nouveau Day, when wine lovers rush to taste the year's Beaujolais Nouveau.

Cassis and kir
The region of Burgundy is known for wine and food, but the city of Dijon has some specialities of its own.

A brief introduction to champagne and Champagne.

Fête des Vins de La Londe
Comparison of the wine tasting events in La Londe and Hyères.

Fête du vin - Les Vignades
Hyères's annual tasting of dozens of wines from the region is animated by music, dance, and a celebrity host.

Mettre de l'eau dans son vin
What does the idiomatic French expression mettre de l'eau dans son vin mean and how is it used?

À la vôtre
Propose a toast with the French expression "à la vôtre."

Wines of France
About's wine guide, Stacy Slinkard, has everything you need to know about French grape varietals.

French Wines and Food
Guide to pairing wines with food, information about cheeses, recipes, and more.

Arizona Wine Country
Judy Hedding, About Guide to Phoenix, Arizona describes wine tasting at several local vineyards, including Sonoita, whose soil is nearly identical to that of Burgundy, France.

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