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French Greetings - Les Salutations


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How are you? in French
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Exchanging pleasantries about one's health is typical when greeting someone. There are several ways to ask how someone is, and which one to use depends on whether you want to be formal or informal.*


Whether talking to one person or more than one, ask Comment allez-vous ? (How are you?)

   Je vais bien   (I'm fine)
   Bien, merci   (Fine, thanks)
   Bien, et vous ?   (Fine, and you?)


The most common question is Ça va ? (literally, Is it going?), and it has variations:
   Ça va bien ?   (Is it going well?)
   Comment ça va ?   (How's it going?)

If you're just talking to one person, you can also ask Comment vas-tu ?

   Ça va   (Fine)
   Ça va bien   (I'm doing well)
   Pas mal   (Not bad)
   Bien, et toi ?   (Fine, and you?)
   Je vais bien   (I'm fine)

Learn more about ça va and pas mal


   Quoi de neuf ?   (What's new?)

   Rien de nouveau   (nothing's new)
   Pas grand-chose   (not much)

*If you don't understand what formal, informal, and familiar mean here, please see my lesson on Tu vs Vous.

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