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Definition: (familiar) to pee, piss; to gush

Je dois pisser ! - I have to pee!

Ça pisse ! - It's pouring/pissing down!

Expressions: Il ne se sent plus pisser - He thinks the sun shines out of his ass/arse

Ça l'a pris comme une envie de pisser - He suddenly got the urge to do it

____, je lui/leur pisse dessus ! - I couldn't give a damn about ____!; Laisse pisser (le mérinos) ! - Forget it! Let them get on with it!

C'est comme si on pissait dans un violon - It's like pissing in the wind / up a rope

Ça ne pisse pas loin - It's nothing to shout/write home about; pisser de la copie - to churn out garbage/rubbish

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Pronunciation: [pee say]Audio Link
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