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Definition: (fem noun) - friendship, liking, kindness

L'amitié est une des choses les plus importantes du monde, surtout aujourd'hui - Friendship is one of the most important things in the world, especially today.

amitiés (at the end of a letter) - best wishes, all the best, kind regards, in friendship

Have you ever received a letter from a French friend signed "friendships"? This is a fairly common mistake by native French speakers. A more accurate translation of amitiés might be "your friend," but since that has a definite grade school sort of feeling, it's better to choose one of the translations above.

See amicalement for another, famous mistranslation by native speakers.

   amitié particulière - homosexual relationship
   prendre quelqu'un en amitié - to take a liking to someone
   Faites-moi l'amitié de + infinitive... - Do me the kindness/favor of + gerund...

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