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Definition: (adj) friendly

Elle est vraiment amicale - She is very friendly.

Il est peu amical - He's not very friendly.

Related: une amicale - association, club

un ami, une amie - friend

amicalement - in a friendly way

Have you ever received a letter from a French speaker signed "friendly"? This common mistake was made famous by French president François Hollande in a letter dated 7 November 2012 to American president Barack Obama. "Friendly" is one of the few English words that ends in -ly but is not an adverb - it's just an adjective. Since the logical adverb, "friendlyly," is clearly nonsense, we're left with the clumsy translation "in a friendly way" or the oddly stilted "in friendship." The feeling of amicalement could in theory be translated by "your friend," but since that has a definite grade school sort of feeling, it's better to choose one of the translations above.

Another common mistranslation at the end of personal letters is "friendships" for amitiés.

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