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Un de ces quatre matins

French expressions analyzed and explained


Expression: Un de ces quatre matins

Pronunciation: [oo(n) deu say kaht(reu) ma teh(n)]

Meaning: one of these days, at some point in the near future

Literal translation: one of these four mornings

Register: informal

Notes: The French expression un de ces quatre matins can be cut down to simply un de ces quatre, but either way it means "one of these days, at some point soon." It's interesting that the number is four, but it's unlikely to have any particular significance. In fact, there are a number of idiomatic French expressions with quatre and I'll be adding them to my site un de ces quatre.

   Je n'ai pas vu Philippe depuis décembre, je devrais lui téléphoner un de ces quatre matins.
   I haven't seen Philippe since December, I should call him one of these days.

Variations: un de ces quatre, un de ces jours

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