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Tout de suite

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Tout de suite
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Expression: Tout de suite

Pronunciation: [too d(eu) sweet]

Meaning: right away, at once, immediately

Literal translation: all in a row

Register: normal

Notes: Tout de suite is one of the most common expressions in the French language, and is just one of several ways to say "right away, immediately."*

Because of its pronunciation, tout de suite is sometimes misspelled "toute suite" or even, in English, "toot sweet."


   Tu dois l'appeler tout de suite.
   You need to call him right away.

   Il a tout de suite compris.
   He understood immediately.

   J'arrive tout de suite.
   I'll be there in a moment.

Expressions with tout de suite

   bientôt mais pas tout de suite
   soon but not too soon, "soonish"

   ce n'est pas pour tout de suite
   it won't happen overnight / right away

   je m'occupe de vous tout de suite
   I'll be right with you, I'll be with you in a moment

   mettons cela au clair tout de suite
   let's get that straight right now

   mettre tout de suite (qqun) dans le bain
   to throw (someone) in the deep end

   pas tout de suite
   there's no rush, not just yet

   prendre tout de suite (qqun/qqchose) en grippe
   to take an instant dislike to (someone/something)

*Synonyms for tout de suite
  • aussitôt - right away, immediately
  • bientôt - soon
  • immédiatement - immediately
  • prochainement - soon, shortly
  • sans délai - right away, in short order
  • sur-le-champ - on the spot, immediately
  • tout à l'heure - in a little while (but note that it can also be used for the very recent past)
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